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Superior Grown Directory

In 2010, SCI brought Superior Grown back to life through the development of an online farmer directory. In 2002-2005, Superior Grown was a farmer-developed local foods brand that saw both tremendous enthusiasm and hard work from the farming community, while also experiencing significant setback due to capacity constraints to actualize the brand. Upon request from the Northeast MN Sustainable Development Partnership, who had originally funded the effort and maintained rights to the project, SCI developed the Superior Grown Directory as a simplified way to continue to promote regional food and farmers, as well as the Superior Grown brand.

As farmers seek consumers to buy their locally-grown and raised food and products, and consumers seek information about and connection to regional farmers, the Superior Grown Directory provides a beautiful format with a high degree of selective search-ability to assist with these connections. Consumers can search for CSAs, pick your own berry farms, certified organic farms, grassfed and pastured meats, holiday wreaths, jams and jellies, artisan cheeses and a wide array of other farm products. The Directory provides a description of each farm listed, products and markets, and contact information to include phone, email and website if applicable.

Since the Superior Grown revitalization, SCI has sought partnership with the Lake Superior Sustainable Farming Association (LSSFA) to help connect the marketing tool with farmers of our Lake Superior region and to help move branding conversations forward. As part of the momentum, LSSFA and SCI formed a partnership with the MN Department of Agriculture (MDA) to develop a Superior Grown version of the well-known and well-funded MN Grown label. This partnership will enable NE MN regional farmers to connect with MDAs Minnesota Grown marketing program, allowing them to receive as many Superior Grown product stickers, pricing tags, and other marketing tools through a $20 membership.

Through this reinvigorated branding effort, SCI honors the hard work of the past farmers who invested countless hours trying to create a branding program, while looking forward to the future where regional Superior Grown foods will be clearly labeled through a value-conscious and accessible marketing price for farmers.

Looking for locally grown or raised products in the Lake Superior region?

To utilize the traditional Superior Grown logo as part of a marketing effort for your regional farm or to learn more about the Superior Grown version of the MN Grown label, contact the Lake Superior Sustainable Farming Association at You must be located within the defined 16-county Superior Grown region of NE MN and NW WI.