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Silver Creek Institute Projects

Silver Creek Institute takes pride in the projects we’ve been involved with over the years and are currently serving in a coordination, development or leadership role. Much of our work is built with an eye towards providing a long-term tool or resource for the region. Please click on the links below to learn more.

Superior Grown Directory

In 2010, SCI built and continues to maintain the Superior Grown Directory, a regional farm products directory that connects consumers to Lake Superior regional farmers through a highly searchable and user-friendly online database. To learn more about the Superior Grown Directory, click here. SCI leadership on project: Cree Bradley, board member.

Superior Grown

Sustainability Collective

In 2012, SCI built and continues to maintain the Sustainability Collective, a regional online mapping database that currently lists organizations and agencies that do work in the fields of natural resources and clean energy. The project was requested and inspired by the needs of the Northeast MN Sustainable Development Partnership (NMSDP) who desired a comprehensive list of entities doing work in these two fields so that NMSDP could foster and organize collaborative efforts when providing funding and technical assistance to sustainability projects.

Sustainability CollectiveTo learn more about the Sustainability Collective, click here. SCI leadership on project: Mike Essien and Cree Bradley, board members.


Wildlands Meeting

On October 10, 2013, SCI commenced a meeting it organized with host, the International Wolf Center, and a variety of land conservation stakeholders, in a collaborative process to help the Center develop ideas and strategic partnerships to better implement the wildlands portion of its mission. SCI leadership on project: Cree Bradley, board member.

Two Harbors High School Photo-Valtaic (PV) Array

In 2008, SCI secured funding and provided in-kind installation support for a 2.8kW ground-mounted, dual-axis, photovoltaic (PV) array. The array is located just south of the main path to the school’s athletic complex allowing for direct public access and targets both public education and education of students, faculty and staff at the High School and Minnehaha Middle School. The array serve as a public demonstration of renewable energy technology, providing students and the community with hands-on exposure to solar generated electricity while offsetting building electricity usage. SCI leadership on project: Jamie Juenemann, board member with Mike and Erika Braun, 2005-2008 resident caretakers.

Green Routes Map for Northeast Minnesota

Under the leadership a past SCI resident caretaker and funded by Renewing the Countryside, SCI gathered the tourism destination information for the Northeast MN portion of the Green Routes map and website. Green Routes is popular yet today! Visit for more information and to search the online mapping directory to find restaurants, lodging, shopping, educational, recreational and other “green” destinations in the Lake Superior region. SCI leadership on project: Erica Bleck (Braun), 2005-2008 resident caretaker.

Northeast Minnesota Energy and Transmission Line Workshop

Commissioned by the MN Department of Commerce, SCI coordinated and hosted a regional workshop at the Cloquet Forestry Center that brought together numerous energy stakeholders to discuss renewable and distributive energy projects, and the transmission line needs and challenges that exist in our region. SCI leadership on project: Jamie Juenemann, SCI board member.

Fiscally-Sponsored Community Projects

SCI has fiscally-sponsored individual or community-led projects to include the Superior Grown Food Summit and MN Renewable Energy Credit Exchange (MN REC-X).