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Welcome to Silver Creek Institute!

...Providing Sustainable Solutions for Everyday Living...


Silver Creek Institute (SCI), a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in rural Two Harbors, MN, is dedicated to serving as a working model of sustainable living. SCI is intended as a resource for individuals and communities, both rural and urban, who are committed to the holistic frameworks of sustainability.

New technologies, as well as time-tested techniques are featured throughout SCI’s work showcasing and promoting the use of sustainable practices in areas of agriculture, energy, and community planning. SCI’s goals, created with an eye towards doing today, what will be good for future generations, are:

  • To apply concepts of market-driven products and services as models for sustainable development.
  • To assist with planning, development, monitoring and evaluation of sustainability-related projects.
  • To develop educational programs, provide training, and expose individuals to sustainable living.

Our history is our legacy! Silver Creek Institute was founded upon the generous donation of property from Gene and Jeanne Rondeau who were prominent members of the Two Harbors community and rural Silver Creek Township. The simplicity and self-sustaining lifestyle through which they lived provided the sustainability-focused inspiration SCI strives to uphold through our work. Thank you Gene and Jeanne! SCI would not be here without you.

Geothermal heating

In 2005, SCI made its first investment towards clean energy demonstration and application by converting the residential heating and cooling system to geothermal energy. The geothermal loop field is located below the current garden and was installed by Mark Sakry, Northern GroundSource Inc. of Brimson MN.